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Here you can find new and old homes for sale in Las Vegas, NV.

Why Hire A Las Vegas Real Estate Agent To Find Your New Home?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, hiring a real estate agent creates peace of mind and ensures a seamless real estate transaction.

Buying A New Property In Southern Nevada

Las Vegas real estate agents are ideal for home buyers and can assist you with many valuable services. Ask your real estate agent to provide you with a quality home search that focuses on your targeted price range, home amenities, and city statistics in your preferred location.

In addition to detailed information on the home, a real estate agent may provide you with public school information, crime statistics, and detailed demographics in your preferred neighborhood.

A real estate professional will handle all of the necessary paperwork for the transaction and will ensure that the sale fully complies with local laws. For example, some states mandate that water heaters must be strapped, a termite inspection must be provided by the seller, and an honest appraisal must be submitted to the lender.

In addition to performing the property transaction, a real estate agent is able to connect a buyer with a myriad of lenders to secure the best mortgage rate to meet their client’s budget.

Selling A Home In Las Vegas, NV

Although a real estate agent will charge a small fee due at closing, the minor expense is worth every penny. When a home circulates on the open market, other real estate professionals have access to the listings.

When the broker’s fee is five percent or higher, this motivates agents from all real estate agencies to show the home to qualified buyers. As a rule, the higher their commission, the faster the property is likely to sell.

A real estate agent is trained to represent the Las Vegas seller’s property with truthful and lawful language that protects the seller from a lawsuit. Sometimes sellers are sued for an honest mistake on a printed ad or they may fall prey to buyers seeking a sales loophole to make some quick cash. The licensed agent will ensure that the contracts are filled out correctly, the seller is protected against legal actions, and that the seller will receive at least fair market value for the property.

Trying to sell a home in Las Vegas on your own might seem easy until you hit the first bump in the road. Real estate offices are there to assist with lending options, escrow companies, property appraisals, property searches, and more. Buying or selling a home might be the biggest transaction in your life. So, leave nothing to chance and let a real estate professional do the work for you.